A Full Service Family Law Firm

At Laterra & Hodge, LLC, our lawyers are equipped to handle all aspects of family law.

An IDEAL Approach to Family Law

Selecting the right counsel can be the difference between a divorce that is spiritually and motionally exhausting, and one that is civil and redemptive. Read More...

Procedural Divorce Issues

The divorce process is so much easier to take on when you know what to expect.  That is why we'll help you.  Learn more here.

A Full Service Family Law Firm

At Laterra & Hodge, LLC, our lawyers are equipped to handle all aspects of family law. We are your top Bergen County Divorce Lawyer.  We handle divorce matters and all issues stemming from divorce, including custody and parenting time disputes, issues concerning alimony and child support, and issues of equitable distribution of all marital assets, from the marital residence, to complex business evaluations. In addition, we handle all issues outside of the divorce arena, such as domestic violence matters, grandparent and sibling visitation disputes, and third party custody claims. Our attorneys are also well-versed in the drafting and negotiation of various agreements, such as premarital agreements, reconciliation agreements, separation agreements, and cohabitation / palimony agreements.

Experienced and Credentialed

Only approximately 2% of all attorneys in New Jersey are Certified Matrimonial Trial Attorneys. Less than 100 attorneys in New Jersey are fellows of the highly acclaimed American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Scott Adam Laterra, Esq., a partner with Laterra & Hodge, LLC, is both.

Our attorneys recognize the importance of remaining credentialed and educated on the latest trends and changes in divorce and family law, as the more information we have to offer you , the more you will be able to prepare for your future and do away with the uncertainty that comes with being thrown into the unfamiliar territory of divorce.

An Ideal Approach to Family Law

At Laterra & Hodge, LLC, we recognize the stress and frustration that accompanies family conflict. The sense of betrayal and fear of uncertainty that derives from divorce, separation, and domestic violence can be overwhelming. As a law firm whose attorneys have always practiced exclusively in the area of family law, Laterra & Hodge, LLC is fully prepared to assist you with every aspect of your family law matter with a time tested approach premised upon five principles:

*I*ntegrity *D*iplomacy *E*mpathy *A*dvocacy *L*egal Knowledge

This is our “ideal approach” to family law matters.

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